Monday, August 27, 2007

PAPER 6mm Napoleonics Project

Wargaming Napoleonics is my passion.

I love throwing 6000 Infantry against the right flank of an enemy position as a feint to the real attack by 20000 against his left.

I love seeing a brigade of 3000 Infantry disappear into the smoke thats enimating from a small village and listening for the victorious cheers that follow when carrying the position from the enemy.

I love the sound of 2000 glistening straight swords drawn by 2000 armoured Cuirassiers as they turn their massive mounts toward a column of unaware enemy infantry.

I love the sound of Imperial Guard 12 pounders blasting away at an enamy formation just prior to my commitment of 5000 of those intimidating 6 foot+ "old grumblers" of the Imperial Guard Grenadiers.

How does one achieve this feel or experience with 12 man lead battalions on a tabletop, while needing the required 300 or so battalions just to fight a battle such as Waterloo, while having to pay anywhere from 15c to 50c for each figure, then paint it or have it painted for another 50c - $1 each, and then store them, protected, safe, and then transport them, if the battle opportunity is anywhere other than at home?

How does the wallet stop itself from sticking its own head in the gas oven when you are not looking?

I looked for alternatives and found PAPER MINIATURES! That's right! PAPER!

I started with

I found some fantastic images that with a little bit of work can be awesome to use in massed 6mm Napoleonic battles.

Most of the imagery I chose to use were created by Pedro Pato such as:

With Pedro's images, I created this:

This new image then results in this:

and this:

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