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AAR - Modern 15mm - 22 Jun 07

After Action Report - Modern 15mm - Military Sims Minis Night - June 22, 2007

US Rangers are tasked with clearing the southern edge of Al Samaweh in southern Iraq. Their mission is to apprehend one of Al Zaqawi's top level leaders taking refuge in the area. This report details the plight of 1 squad of 8 men under the command of Corporal Shoesmith as they clear buildings in the approach to a major mosque in this part of Al Samaweh.

The US Range squad is divided into 2 fireteams designated Alpha 1-0 (Cpl Shoesmith) and Alpha 1-1 (under Cpl Werba) with Alpha 1-0 (Lt Maxwell) containing the squad leader. They are in constant communications with their commander who is designated Alpha-Zero.

The approach to the mosque looking north from the Ranger drop off points.

Shoesmith's team (A1-0) moved quietly to the cover of Building 1 to their front.

Werba's A1-1 moved to the cover of the Building 2 to their front. A1-1 intended to move round to the right to enable an OP to be established in Building 3 to their front.

Somali Islamic Council fighters who were in Iraq to fight alongside Zaqawi were spotted in the centre.

Some of the Somali Islamic Council fighters in Iraq assisting Zaqawi

As Shoesmith moved into a secure covering position to watch the left flank, a group of 6 Somali fighters can walking around the corner of Building 1. A1-0 had to open up and thereby cause the alarm to be raised. 2 x automatic rifles, a 40mm grenade and a SAW took care of the group before they even tried to react to the sighting.

Cpl Shoesmith's Alpha 1-0 after a group of Somalis are gunned down before they knew what was happening

Werba's team proceeded to clear Building 3 and after taking 1 casualty, took up a firing position on the balcony of the second level. This gave them a great OP and large fields of fire to cover the rest of the force.

Shoesmith's Alpha 1-0 moved into Building 1 and cleared it taking 1 fighter as prisoner. The only Intel found was a roughly drawn map of this section of the city.

Werba's OP racked up a number of kills as Alpha 1-0 moved north to Building 6 taking out a number of Somali fighters along the way.

Alpha 1-1's SAW gunner surveys the carnage he is producing

Alpha 1-0 stacked against the doorway of Building 6 only to be engaged on their right. After dealing with them, Shoesmith's team breached the building with grenades and automatic fire and cleared the 1st 2 rooms as Werba took another casualty whilst clearing Building 2.

Alpha 1-0 moves from 360 all round security to stacking the door before breaching

As Alpha 1-1 was now combat ineffective with 2 fatalities, Lt Maxwell decided to pull them back and allow neighbouring Bravo squad to continue the operation.

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