Monday, August 27, 2007

Jul 07 Update to 6mm Paper Naps

A Change Yet Again!

Squared off 1 brigade of French Infantry against a brigade of British Infantry. It looked good.

Then I tried to apply the rules from Empire V for firing. Not working!

The reason this does not work is that Empire V is based on a per figure system - not a per company system - where each figure is worth 60 men on the field. Each figure is therefore allocated a set amount of space on a base depending on whether the unit worked in 3 ranks or 2 ranks.

Based on this I can now change my basing system to use the exact sizing Empire V recommends for 15mm figures and fill that base with 2 or 3 ranks of images printed onto paper labels as outlined above.

So when I use Empire V for a battle, each base of figures will be worth 60 men. Each based therefore will be 1.25cm long for 2 ranks and 1.0cm long for 3 ranks. Because these sizes are a little fiddly for cutting and folding, I will produce 2x the amount, ie a base of images 2.5cm long or 2.0cm long and then when all is done, cut it in half. I will still get the massed and ranked feel I am pursuing.

So, the new basing:

The 1st British Division (Guards) set to the new basing of 1 base per 60 men. Note: All 4 battalions of Guards started the Waterloo campaign with 1000+ men each. Therefore each battalion is represented with 17 stands. Normally an infantry battalion would field 8-12 stands.

Big units!

That looks much better.

And now the Artillery and Officers:

Each stand of Artillery represents 2 guns. 1 Officer is a Brigade Commander, 2 Officers is a Division Commander.

Here is the 1st British (Guards) Division from Waterloo complete with Artillery and Officers.

1st British Brigade - Maitland
2/1 Foot Guards - 781men
3/1 Foot Guards - 847men

2nd British Brigade - Byng
2nd Coldstream Guards - 1098men
2/3 Foot Guards - 1100men

Sandham RFA - 6guns
Kuhlmann KGL HA - 6guns

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