Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thurs Night Gaming: 1813 Campaign

2017 sees in a new opportunity for a campaign at the weekly Thursday night group I game with.

We needed a good Campaign system that modeled not only movement but the affects of that movement and supply but it had to be quick and easy as it was purely for generating battles for the tabletop.

I found a new series of games from Europa Simulazioni which seemed to fit the bill.

They had just released their 1813 game so I purchased it and found someone online wanting to offload the 1812 game for Russia as it was out of print.

A quick read of the rules and a check of the maps and it looked like it would work for us. Tokens are basically a division in strength with separate tokens for artillery parks. The movement rules are based on lines of supply and supply train tokens available to each player each turn. 

We dropped the unit tokens in favor of our own army flags but kept the 6 points of stacking rule and everything else except the actual combat calculation. There is a calculation to find if an attacking stack actually succeeds in attacking a defending stack. But then a combat calculation occurs which we removed in favor of using the tabletop to make the decision. So far its working well.

Last night we did 2 moves according to the rules as a play test. All players were happy with it but we did make a couple of small tweaks to match our orders of battle and requirements.

Next week we begin a one of battle as a siege opportunity was risen and all present would like to see how it plays out on the tabletop. 

Then we will reset the map and begin. 

The group has 2 players keen on the strategic campaign with up to another 4 just happy to fight battles on the night.

Oh and before I forget, I contacted the producers of these games and confirmed they are working on an 1814/1815 game. Personally I cannot wait for that one. And I hope they do an 1809 as well and I will be all set :)

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