Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Update June 2016


This month saw a lot of activity putting together my sale list of all my 6mm Napoleonics and a sale to a friend of mine of some.

Over 20,000 figs in the end. Amazing how a few purchases from time to time and ebay purchases can get out of hand. According to the Empire V rules I use, I had over 460,000 French alone! Oops!

Anyway now that the sale to my friend is sorted, the rest will go onto Facebook pages and TMP and anything left from that will go onto ebay.

Movement to 15mm has progressed with purchases on ebay from China of quick painted units. These need to be rebased and touched up for the units they will represent. The 1st unit of stovepipe shako British has delegated to be Hanoverian as a number of those units at Waterloo wore stovepipe shakos. 

I've also purchases some Eureka French, AB Prussians and CGN French (although I meant to purchase British from them lol). I have begun painting up a unit of French line infantry and will post up a comparison of all 3 later this week.

My next steps:

1. Finish the 4 sample figs - DONE
2. Secure sales of my 6mm - IN PROGRESS
3. Order Prussian and French Infantry from AB and paint and base them up - IN PROGRESS
4. Rebase and touch up a unit of ebay purchased allies - IN PROGRESS

Overall progress is GOOD.


During the month I also compiled a list of 6mm Moderns up for sale and sold off a small portion already. I have 2 more potential sales I need to finalise. Once more anything left will go onto TMP and then ebay.

Next steps:
1. list and sell 6mm moderns - IN PROGRESS
2. list and sell some 20mm moderns 
3. continue work on ADF forces for Afghan

Overall progress is SMALL


There may be a change in this part of my hobby. Last update confirmed I would stay in 10mm for these projects but I am increasingly thinking of going 15mm across the board except for my 20mm Moderns. More research will be needed.

Next steps:
Complete painting and basing all existing Romans figs
Complete painting and basing up all existing Crusades figs
Complete painting and basing up all existing AWI figs

Overall progress is NONE


6mm buildings and terrain have recently been organised and photographed for sale. Will need to price it all up and advertise it next.

Also settled on the Euro Grasslands Cigar Box mat for use and have found an existing flock will do nicely to blend troops and scenic items in. Will still check Cigar Box for anything better as that mat is quick dull and looks more like Siberian dry grasslands than Europe.

Also purchased another terrain making book.

Next steps:
Settle on contouring system for underneath the mats
Settle on woods and trees
Settle on roads and rivers

Research and settle on mat - IN PROGRESS

Overall progress is SMALL

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