Monday, June 20, 2016

My 1st 15mm Unit Based

24hrs after finishing the painting of my 1st 15mm unit and applying the Vallejo Matt Varnish, I move on to basing them.

The 12 figure battalion all dry and ready for basing.

6 x company sized bases for Empire V. I use mounting board from an art store glued to magnets. The magnets I use are L and P driving plates from the local $2 store but sometimes I collect fridge magnets from local businesses as well. If I still cant find them then craft stores have magnetic sheets.

Figures glued into their companies.

I then use a modelling paste from an art store to build up the base a little

Bases built up a little 

A medium to dark green is added

And then the flock. Using a Galeforce 9 pack I got from a local game store years ago.

The Galeforce 9 flock

The final unit in attack column. Just need to add the pom pom company colours and the flag.

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