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Campaign For France - 1. Opening Campaign moves

1 March 1814

Allied armies began crossing the border into France on March 1. France was prepared with her armies keenly awaiting any tresspass in 6 commands distributed evening across the borders.

The Austrians under Schwartzenburg were 1st to jump the line - quickly capturing 2 provinces along the border from Piedmont.

An English army crossed from Spain to take 1 province unopposed.

The Prussians and Russians remained behind their borders with organisation issues to be sorted.

Here are the positions at the end of 1 March, 1814:

The French seemed unsure how to respond to these movements. Lack of any movement in the north made the French commanders nervous.

4 March 1814

Capitalizing on the French delay in moving, the Austrians and the English both continued with their march, the Austrians taking another 2 provinces with the English taking 1.

The French began moving to intercept these infringements.

Positions at the end of 4 March 1814:

8 March 1814

A full week after the invasions began, Prussian and Russian armies finally crossed the northern borders into France, albeit into the same province and well away from any known French forces. In addition the Russians also took a 2nd province from the French.

The Austrians moved north in an effort to avoid French engagement but the French were too quick and were able to respond, intercepting an Austrian column at Isere. There both armies were keen to fight it out.

In the southwest, the English purposely moved to contact a French army at Landes and both forces deployed for battle.

Positions at the end of 8 March 1814 with 2 Battles to be fought:

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