Monday, July 29, 2013

10mm Boer's Order Arrived

My order of 10mm Boer War figures has arrived from Pendraken. Great Service!

Here's a couple of pics of them before they are cleaned up and undercoated for painting:

A few hours of cleaning off flash and flattening the bases and a few pics of the Brits and allies:

Imperial Brit and Colonial Mounted

Imperial Brit Infantry

Colonial Bushmen Infantry

British Artillery and Crew

British Artillery Crew
British, Colonial and Boer Prone Shooters

Boer Mounted

Boer Infantry - not sure what the guy on his hands and knees is doing?

Boer Artillery and Crew

I feel like I may have actually made up my mind to go 10mm for Boer Wars but I really need to check the 6mm stuff as well so they will be posted up next.

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