Thursday, December 6, 2012

6mm GHQ Moderns conversions

Okay so I hate prone figures. I don't care what weapon they are kitted out for they look dumb moving through my terrain tactically while laying on the ground. If they decide to deploy into a firing position then fine, I can replace a standing or moving figure with a prone one. But until then I need all figures upright and moving or in action.

So as I was putting together my fireteams using GHQ's 6mm moderns I became perplexed. What was I to do with SAW's and LMGs assigned to fireteams and supporting roles? All of GHQ's LMGs are prone.

GHQ's modern US infantry with samples of the standing moving troops
and the LMG or SAW prone on the end

I posted this dilemma up on the Ambush Alley forums and among the responses was the idea of cutting the LMG weapon off the prone figure and the weapon off a standing figure and glue a swap.

I grabbed the prone guy and noticed the weapon and all the lead around to support it to the base. This included a solid bit of lead which is meant to look like a bipod and an area before it underneath the end of the barrel. Near the right hand is some portions of the LMG and on the other side is a solid ammo box feeding in. I cut under the barrel to just past the bipod and took all that off the figure. I then cut the head off the figure and vertically cut from around the wrist of the right arm. Then I removed all the based from below the weapon and gave it a little tidy up.

Original prone figure on right and cut and trimmed on the left

I then took the standing moving figure and removed the weapon from the wrist down and glued in the LMG from the prone figure.

The M16 removed from the moving figure

LMG glued to the moving figure.

Other side showing the attached ammo feed box

I thought this looked good so I got a bit more adventurous.

1st I cut the mortar from the that stand and trimmed it down and glued to the back of another rifleman to depict a LAW. Then I cut the javelin missile from the sitting guy and trimmed it and glued it to the back of another rifleman.

Here is the finished fireteam. Heavily armed.

Finished fireteam ready for infil.


SteelonSand said...

That is some serious micro-surgery, not for the faint-hearted, but what a stunning result! - really effective looking finished product.

War Depot said...

Thanks Steel. I'm not much of a modeller so I am pretty happy with the result.

I'm not much of a painter either but looking forward to seeing these guys painted and ready to go.

Wait out.

Doug said...

I think that looks great. I must admit, i think surgery on 6mm figures is a step too far (for me at least), but I can't argue with the results, and like you, I dislike prone figures.