Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 ADF in Afghanistan Guild Build Part 6

So here I am. The vehicle track is complete and sealed with water and PVA and bushes and trees have been added to the track and to all existing terrain pieces.

Here are some set up shots with some US troops staged for pics.

Thanks for all the comments so far. Subscribing to The Guild Build has certainly added that extra layer of accountability to the project. It's hard to move away from it and do something else. Plus checking out what other people have done is always inspiring and drives me on to more and greater things.


Dan said...

Everything looks great put together! Keep up the great work.

Big Rich said...

Looking good.

Docsmith said...

Naa, too much green and not enough dust, flies and... just kidding! Thats a great table set-up. I wondered how you'd do it given the distances (up to a kilometer or more) at which the Taliban are frequently engaged. Really nice design that fits the figures etc perfectly (or vice versa!)


David said...

Thanks for the comments.

Doc, I know what you mean. While there are a lot of contacts with great distance in between, there are also still a lot of hand to hand and cqb. Just ask the brits. They head into the Green Zone with bayonets drawn.