Monday, February 21, 2011

Finished a Division of French Infantry at 1:15 ratio

As a follow on to finally settling the base size and ratio issue: all the rebasing is complete and touchups are done. Most were debased and rebased, some were simply glued together and others had their magnet removed and then grouped together on a larger magnet. Pretty quick actually.

Then I had to go through and redo all the pom poms and plumes so their companies match correctly.

Se here we are. My 1st French Infantry Division at 1:15 ratios.

All my French Divisions are based on 2 x Brigades of 2 x Regiments with each Regiment having 3 x Battalions at paper strength of 720men.  This is then adjusted for historical refights or combined for the larger Brigades in Russia. Pretty flexible. 1 x Regiment is always Legere (light infantry).

The Legere regiment leads with 1 battalion in line and 2 battalions in column of attack in support. Behind those are the 2nd regiment from the 1st Brigade and then the 2nd Brigade in column or march.

 A Legere battalion in line

 A line battalion in column of attack, 2 companies wide

 A battery of 8 guns

 A foot artillery piece and crew in action

2nd Brigade marching up in column of march

On to the 2nd Division now and then jump into a Cavalry Division.


Beccas said...

Very nice. Well done.

Tony Bennett said...

I've been following your blog for sometime and must say your inspired me to finally paint up the box of 6mm Naps I have in the lead pile.

One of my main gripes with Empire was the smallness of the battalions, they never looked quite right to me, purely a personal taste issue but important to me all the same. Thanks for renewing mt interest in these rules and figure scale.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Lovely stuff. The units look superb en masse.

David said...

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Special thanks to Tony. Your comments are the reason why I keep this blog. If you have any questions or need anything clarified, just let me know.


Karim said...

Really inspiring stuff David. Something to aim for.

pp said...

I can only repeat what has already been said. Great looking army en mass, and the these last two posts have made good reading.

good luck with the campaign

David said...

Thanks PP.

Much appreciated.