Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Campaign: 1815 Invasion of France - Part 5


The battlefield at Trouys

Click here to see the Austrian Army involved at Trouys

Click here to see the Spanish Army involved at Trouys

The French Army involved at Trouys:
1st Corps: 3 inf Divs + 1 Light Cav Div 38 guns
4th Cavalry Corps: 2 divs Heavy Cav 12 guns
Young Guard Corps: 3 Inf Divs + 1 Lt Cav Div 60 guns
6th Corps: 2 Inf Divs 30 guns

As a meeting engagement, it meant both sides had to deploy at the same time. I worked out my strategy for the battle, issuing orders to Blake for the Spanish and began deploying.


I have a large open area to my left which is flanked by a level 5 town (medium size). To my right is a large cluttered area of 2 level 5 towns and some woods and rough fields. I also have a Corps of Spanish which I have deployed to hold the area on the right with the towns and woods.

There is a large hill right in the middle and forward of my open area. I have deployed 1 x Corps on either side of this hill, deploying in depth with brigades all behind each other and 1 brigade wide. On the hill I placed all the Corps artillery for both Corps. That is 4 x Heavy batteries and 4 foot batteries and reinforced it with 1 foot battery from the lead division of each corps on either side. The light division of 1 corps is defending the village on my right flank with its cavalry behind in reserve while the light division of the other corps is defending my gunline with its cavalry on my right flank behind a hill before the Spanish on my extreme right.

 The deployment. The Spanish are yet to deploy. Austrians on the right. French on the left.

 Looking from my commanding position to my left at the town with my light troops in defence. Reserves are in column behind the town.

 Still looking left I see the lead brigades of the lead division of 2nd Korps.

 My central commanding position atop the main hill. In front of me is the artillery from both corps with light troops in support.

 Looking to the right now and we see the lead brigades from 1st Korps.

 Cavalry from the Light Division from 1st Korps holding the right of my line and linking me to the Spanish who start from the woods and town in the picture above.

Looking across at the French and the left shows a brigade of cavalry 

 Moving from left to right we now see massed guns supported by a division of Infantry

 Across from my central command position I can just make out Napoleon himself with his staff and a division of French Infantry covered by a hill and woods.

to the right of the Emperors postion is another mass of French artillery 

To the right of that artillery is another division of French Infantry 

To the extreme right (French left) opposing the built up area I am deploying my Spanish allies into is a divison of French Infantry 

A close up of me encouraging my men as they move into deployment positions.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Lovely figures of course, but I especially like the lovely, neat, map... :o)

Anonymous said...

great troops .

Anonymous said...

Excellent campaign.

Ted H said...

Ditto on the comments about your figures! I've enjoyed following your campaign.


kontos said...

Great paint job onthe figures, and it sounds like an intersting campaign.
By the way the link to the Austrian arnmy list does not work.

pp said...

nice looking blokes their uniforms are very sharp. Interesting write as well