Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tutorial: 2mm Napoleonic Prussians

Part of my splash out last year for Christmas, I purchased a tonne of 2mm Napoleonics from Irregular for Waterloo.

To begin with I unloaded all the 3 rank stands that I chose for 4 company battalions, primarily Prussians. As mentioned in previous 2mm entries, these stands match the base sizing required for Empire V using 6mm for Prussian battalions.

I have enough stands for 2 full Brigades of 9 battalions each.

Step 1 - Prep Work
To begin with, I filed the bases flat, removing any access lead, and then file each end of each base square. I then removed all the flags off 3 of every 4 stands so only 1 company (stand) for each battalion has the flag that was cast with the stand. Every stand comes with a flag precast, meaning that these stands are usually representing a full battalion each. I don't need this. I am still undecided whether or not to use this precast flag as my options are to paint the flag onto the stand, glue a paper flag onto the stand or glue a paper flag onto the precast flag on the stand. Will test it out shortly and journal.

Step 2 - Undercoat Using Primary Colour SprayThis step saves a lot of time. Spray lightly but enough to totally cover the figure. Usually about 15cm to 20cm away using broad movements from the left to the right and then back to the left again. Touch up any missed spots from 20cm so most areas escape having 2 or 3 layers of paint and therefore fill up the detail too much. After debating which colour to undercoat in, I decided on a midnight blue. Then all I need to paint is the pants, face, hat and backpack and grass.

Step 3 - Heavy Dry Brush the Pants Grey
Run a medium brush full of medium grey paint over the front, sides and backs of each stand. Be careful not to have so much paint as to blotch the 1st contact with the stand. Run the brush over paper beforehand if unsure. Make sure all the raised "legs" collect the grey and the gaps in between these stay the undercoat blue. This undercoat will look like dark shadows when on the tabletop.

Step 4 - Paint the Faces
Paint from the neck (if you can find it!) with a single stroke of the brush straight up. Don't worry about getting the hat as this will be painted on later. Only do the front of each "head" sticking out of the stand casting but make sure you do all 2 or 3 ranks of each "head".

Step 5 - Paint the ShakosUsing the techique above, paint a straight stroke up from about half way up the "head" making sure to leave a small section of flesh paint for the face. Make sure you do the backs of the heads as well.

Step 6 - Paint the Backpacks
Dot the backpack with a brown colour on the back rank only of each stand.

Step 7 - Paint the Grass
This is probably the most time consuming step. Paint the edges of all sides of each stand making sure not to put paint on the legs.

Step 8 - Spray with Matt Lacquer
Last step is to coat with sealing spray.

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