Sunday, May 9, 2010

2mm In Action

A set up set of pics but nonetheless, a good idea of what the 2mm troops will look like in action, as requested by a number of you who view the blog.  Thanks for all your comments and emails too.  Much appreciated.

So here is the only painted French battalion of line infantry and a section of 2 guns in action against a regiment of 3 battalions of Prussian line infantry.  A battalion of British in column is moving up in support while a regiment of Prussian Landwehr move up behind the front line in columns.


SteelonSand said...

Excellent work there, David; some nice contrasting colours really bring the photos to life, and show that these tiny little guys are not just indistinguishable blobs as some nay-sayers insist.
The British column in particular really pops out.....and the flags are superlative - gives them that 'real unit' look....hope to see more in the future!

The Wrist said...

Wonderful & inspiring stuff! I have to paint up my 2 American War Of Independence armies (USA & British). Who made the 'figures' you used in the images please? I have Irregular purchased from Eureka in OZ (I'm a Kiwi) I love 2mm & I'm itiching to get into gaming with them.

Any suggestions for rules for AWI era at all?

David said...

Thanks guys.

The figures are Irregular. I take it you are in NZ? I am in Brisbane.

2mm is great for that massed feel.

AWI rules I am not that familiar with. If it was me I would probably go with Black Powder. Seems like a fairly easy set to learn and get a good quick game out of.

The Wrist said...

David using Irregular cool they look great. Nice paint job.

Ahh your in Brisbane I haven't been there for many years but I lived 10 years in Oz, Sydney mainly working etc but travelled around a lot-wonderful big country.

Many thanks for the rules info I'll check them out.