Friday, April 2, 2010

Ambush Alley AAR

Just a quick battlereport using Ambush Alley base rules with my new 20mm Brits on the board I created during my Helmand Project.  Yes I could have kept going with my Helmand Project, but I felt like playing a little game to get back into the base AA rules.  I have played many games out with army team leaders in their locations using figures and terrain of theirs but I wanted to start getting back to the base rules in my own environment using my new collection or terrain and figures.  I did not take any pictures because the buildings and figures are not painted as yet and the terrain is no where near the level I plan it to be.

'A' Company of 3rd battalion of the British Parachute Regiment is working in the northern sectors of Helmand province as part of a battlegroup centred around 3 companies of that battalion.  During a ferocious firefight with the taliban earlier today, a CASEVAC chopper was called in to remove 2 casualties.  The leaders on the ground were not convinced the landing zone was clear enough and tasked the 6 and 7 Platoons to push north and east to extend the protected area from enemy attack.  6 Platoon moved north and northeast while 7 Platoon pushed east.

The area consisted of the east side of the main north-south road, named MSR Titan.  500 metres north of the cleared area, a road ran east from Titan and below it lay a large Opium crop, while north of the road lay 2 large compounds. 

2 Section of 6 Platoon was ordered to move up Titan and then east after the Opium field.  They also had to stay in contact with 1 Section of 6 Platoon on their left and be away that 7 Platoon would be to their south on their right.

2 section moved north along MSR Titam and once they located the eastern road, they split into an A team and a B team with the section leader leading A team.  B team moved north parallel to Titan within sight of 1 section operating on their left.  They used bounding overwatch or fire and movement by 2s to cover the open ground until they were north of the compounds and in a blocking position to cover any enemy movement actioned by A team's movement to the compounds.  A team also used 2 man bounding overwatch to work their way up the road to the crossroad. 

As they approached the crossroads, a number of civilians moved away from them heading north, alerting the Brits to a possible ambush.  A few minutes later, a single fighter was spotted on the southern side of the crossroads and was shot by B team members.  Once the firing began, the civilians fleed north long MSR Titan. 

A team then turned right at the crossroads and began cautiously moving past the ruined compound to the remaining compound to the east. 

B team positioned themselves on the northern edge of the ruined compound and engaged a number of taliban running towards the compounds from the north.  They appeared eager to get to the compounds and so the leader of B team radioed into the A team the details of their contact.  2 section leader was convinced the intact compound was of significance and increased his momentum. 

2 taliban revealled themselves along the eastern road and were shot by B team members on overwatch covering the advance of their teammates.  Soon B team was stacked up to enter the intact compound.  There was no gate so the whole team of 5 swooped into through the opening and saw 1 armed taliban and 3 civilians.  2 section leader appealled to the fighter to drop his weapon and he aimed and fired but was killed outright with no loss to B team.  The volume of fire and the closeness of the civilians resulted in 2 of the civilians hurt but both were very minor wounds which were addressed.

As A team cleared the northern approaches to the crossroads, B team stacked up and charged into the main room in the compound.  No one was watching the door and the team were able to see 3 armed men and 1 civilian man.  They offered surrender to the group and 1 of them fired off a burst of AK47 fire which missed the Brits and resulted in his quick death.  The remainder of the group raised their hands and took the offer to surrender.

With the area now clear, A Company were able to load the Chinook with their 2 wounded and collapse back on the LZ and mount their vehicles to exfil south to their point of origin.

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