Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Helmand Project Part 3

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Sorry to ruin the excitement, but this is not a full update.
While I was admiring the work done so far (!), I realised I would have trouble adding in rivers, creeks, dry creekbeds and wadis.  My idea for these were to use 2 layers in each board with all other boards being 2 full layers combined with glue and maybe even nails.  I had forgot about this.  But I have been undecided on what that 2nd layer should be.  In the past I have tried a layer of foam, foamboard, cork tiles, plaster and even carpet squares.  To date I think the best value for effort would be to use 5mm foamboard and putty.  Both are easy to acquire and for a good price and easy to work with.  So stay tuned for the remodelled 1st part where I redo a set of 4 squares using this technique.
What this means is that each board will be 11mm thick.  This is because my 5mm mdf turns out to be 6mm mdf and then I glue on a sheet or number of sections of 5mm foamboard and then trimmed to the size of the mdf.
... to be continued ...

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