Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Russian Campaign at Michael's - Part 17

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top. A Campaign using Empire Campaign System and Empire V rules and Adler 6mm Napoleonic figures of the French invading Russia in 1812.)

The 2nd Battle of Smolensk escalates. Neither side is willing to give the ground to the enemy.

On the extreme French right, Russian Dragoons, having recovered from bounce back when coming to grips with French Chasseurs before them, charge them again.

Russian Dragoons and French Chasseurs engage in hand to hand combat

Alas, they fail to make a decisive gain again and both sides bounce away to recover themselves. Unfortunately for the Russian Dragoons, they fell back to a position directly in the line of advance of the leading French Cuirassier brigade for an entire Cuirassier Corps in the process of deploying. Needless to say the Dragoons did not last long, with 180 men killed or lost, 480 men captured and the remainder fleeing the field in full flight.

The unstoppable steam train that is a French Heavy Cavalry Corps about to run down blown and fatigued Russian Dragoons

The situation at 1600 hours reveals more troops brought on to the field and deployed.

Describing movements from the Russian left to Russian right:

The remnants of the Russian Infantry Corps attacking the village straddling the river continue forward as the whole northern side of the village is now on fire and all defenders have been ejected.

To the right and behind this attack, the Russians push their Grenadier Divisions forward and to the right to engage the Polish as they cross the river to the right of the village.

Their Guard Divisions deployed behind the Grenadiers, fail to advance in support of their fellow elite comrades.

Russian Guard Cavalry ride forward to support the Grenadiers on their right and to threaten the French Cuirassiers deploying to their front.

On the extreme right, Russian Dragoons continue to keep the Italian Cavalry in check stopping any further deployment of the Italian Corps arriving on the field along the road to the right.

On the French side detailing from left to right:

The Infantry defending the hills behind the village remain in place as their comrades are forced to flee from the flames consuming the village. They recover themselves in time to launch a counter attack into the southern suburb on their side of the river.

To the right of them, the Polish formations are reinforced by the Vistula as they reach the river to cross behind the Poles. The Polish are attempting to come in behind the Russian massed Artillery but may find themselves intercepted by the Russian Grenadiers as they move forward to counter the movement.

On the Poles right, the French Cuirassier Corps has crossed the river and expanded their frontage to engage the Russian Cavalry before them made up of Cuirassier Brigades and now Guard Cavalry Brigades as well.

On the extreme right along the road, the Italian Corps had it's cavalry screen held in check by Russian Dragoons and Horse Artillery but manages to slip an infantry division in an area south of the road to deploy. Behind this division is the Italian Guard Division with attached Heavy Artillery and a 3rd Infantry Division.

The view of the entire battlefield from the arrival position of the Italian Corps. The Italian and French Cavalry from the Corps are now starting to get the edge on the blocking force of Russian Dragoons with a little help from the French Cuirassiers threatening their rear. The 1st of 3 Italian Infantry Divisions deploys to the left of the road with it's lead brigade in a checkerboard formation of columns and the 2nd brigade in 2 lines of columns. Divisional Artillery travel behind the lead brigade. Further up the road can be seen the French Cuirassier Corps deploying wide to take on the Russian Guard Cavalry and Cuirassiers, and then the Polish formations.

Marshal Murat and his staff and escort following one of the lead French Cuirassier Brigades

Murat behind his Cuirassiers

Russian Tsar Alexander I and his entourage overlooking the deployment of the Russian Grenadiers and Guard formations

French Cuirassiers and Russian Cuirassiers face off

Another shot of French and Russian Cuirassiers

Russian Cuirassiers

French Cuirassiers

Russian Grenadiers advancing to meet the Polish

Russian Guard Infantry waiting to move forward

Russian Guard Artillery attached to the Guard Infantry

The Poles and the Russian Grenadiers about to come to grips

Russian Grenadiers in column of attack

The northern suburbs of the village on fire and overrun by Russian Infantry

The southern suburb on the French side of the river stormed by Russian Infantry

French Cuirassiers

Russian Cuirassiers

French Cuirassiers

French Cuirassiers charge forward

The church where the Russian Guard Infantry is deployed awaiting orders. You can just make out the attacking Russian Infantry demonstrating to the left of the main road to keep the French defenders of the hills behind the river in position.

The lead Italian Infantry Division deploys for battle

The Italians in column of attack

The view from the Italian Infantry to the rear of the French Cuirassiers and the beyond to their destination, the Russian Guard formations

... to be continued ...

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top. A Campaign using Empire Campaign System and Empire V rules and Adler 6mm Napoleonic figures of the French invading Russia in 1812.)


Anonymous said...

Hi David its Drew from Dragonfire Games here. Once again an amazing battle report. Ah I remember those 6mm Russians. Brings tears to my eyes.

Do you still still play Ambush Alley as Flashpoint Moderns and Vietnam is starting to take off here in Brisbane and we are looking to use 15mm Flashpoint Deltas, Rangers, Somali Insurgents, Al Queada and Iraqi Militias using Ambush Alley.

Once again great battle reports...


David said...

Thanks Drew.

I do still play Ambush Alley and Force on Force but I now use 20mm. I started using 15mm but then found all the preassembled and painted 1/72nd vehilces and choppers and so sold my 15mm stuff and picked up 20mm.

I would still be keen to join any games going on. I also play AA a little different in that my figures have a 90 degree arc of responsibility and only those that can see a target can shoot. I also prohibit movement through any walls if there is no door or decent sized window. Just a couple of things to make it a little more realistic considering I play with real ADF Section and Team Leaders.