Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monthly Update Dec 2009

Christmas 09 has arrived!

Well everything I ordered for Christmas 09 is now in my games room. The Hourtoulle and Osprey books, the 2mm Irregular Napoleonics and now the final order of Adler 6mm Napoleonics arrived this week. All is good. I now have another division of French and Russians to add to the collection. Of course these 30 strong battalions work out to be about 2.5 battalions for Empire so really it's another 2 Divisions of French and 2 Divisions of Russians. As well as this I purchased 50 limbers and teams. These look good and I can't wait to put them together and get them on the table with my artillery.

All this and the move of the games room from the little spare bedroom at the back of the house to the large study/library at the front of the house and I am a busy little boy.

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ArmChairGeneral said...

Merry Wargamer Christmas!