Saturday, September 12, 2009

Napoleonics Game at Peters 12 Sep 2009

I was invited over to join in a prep Empire V game before our big demo game at BIG (Brisbane Independant Gamers) in Brisbane tomorrow. 4 of us were there using Peter's table, terrain and immaculately painted 25mm figures and Empire V rules.

I was given command of a French Corps with orders to intercept and attack an approaching Austrian Corps and to prevent it moving any closer to our main army.

Under my command I had 3 infantry divisions, a division of cavalry and some corps artillery and engineers.

I assigned command of the 2nd Infantry Division and the division of cavalry to General Jose who was accomanying me in my endeavour. I gave him the order of moving his cavalry on our right flank in support if his infantry division which was to attack to the right of the ridgeline to our front which was occupied by the enemy. Once he had cleared that target area of enemy, he was to turn left and roll up the enemy line atop of the ridgeline.

My infantry divisions were to occupy the left of our position and attack immediately forward and then converge on the centre of the enemy ridgeline.

We deployed all our divisions side by side.

The battlefield showing the enemy formations utilising a commanding ridgeline in the right of the picture. Our units begin deploying opposite.

Units of the cavalry division and the 3rd Infantry Division begin their attack.

3rd Infantry Division.

The enemy had deployed a brigade of infantry to the right of the ridgeline, while a massive gunline was established on the ridgeline supported by grenadiers and elite infantry. Finally, enemy horse covered the enemy left flank, below to the ridgeline.

Enemy infantry on the right of the ridgeline and enemy guns on top.

Austrian infantry atop the enemy ridgeline.

The Austrian gun line.

My 2nd Infantry Division on the far left of our line of attack.

Our 2nd Infantry Division marching forward to attack the Austrians.

French infantry.

We came to grips fast. On General Jose's wing, the cavalry lept forward to threaten the enemy infantry as soon as the infantry it was supported were in contact with the enemy. The horse quickly dealt a heavy blow to that enemy formation as soon 3 battalions were gone, 1 was running away and the remainder were sitting still in square. Our infantry were not far away. The Austrians on our right had stayed on the ridgeline, meaning that our forces moved far in front to engage them.

On our left, my divisions moved forward but were thwarted by enemy formations moving forward to meet me, including some well experienced cavalry. I decided to deal with the threat and consolidated my infantry line by forming squares while I unlimbered my guns to start taking a toll. The enemy cavalry were the 1st casualties of the day.

My formations move foward but are checked in the bottom half of the picture while General Jose's managed to get further forward.

My 4th Infantry Division spring forward.

General Jose's 3rd Infantry Division.

Our cavalry cause havoc on the enemy left flank.

My Corps Artillery 12 pounders are attached to the 4th Infantry Division in the centre and deploy early, seeing off an enemy battery before it could deploy.

(Peter's laser pointer that actually pointed a solid line instead of a dot is useful to see line of sight).

As I push forward my foot artillery in my 2nd Infantry Division on my far left, a unit of enemy Hussars spot it and take the opportunity to charge them as they are setting up. They are caught while moving and are smashed by the enemy horse who managed to pull themselves up before hitting my infantry in squares.

Enemy Hussars get the jump on my foot artillery battery as it races around in front of my troops to hurt the horse, totally destroying it.

The situation after the 1st hour of battle. It is now 10am in the morning.

At 10am, my 4th division in the centre are attacking strongly, engaged the Austrian elite infantry in a close firefight a number of times and successfully pushing them back each time. My troops gain the small hill in the approach to the enemy ridgeline and call up their artillery to support them.

My infantry in the centre after the push back the enemy elite infantry for the second time.

On the right, the enemy infantry brigade on the right wing of their line decides to quite the field after taking many losses on the end of General Jose's cavalry action. This exposes the enemy gunline to overwhelming supporting arms.

Our units on the right converging on the enemy gun line.

At this point in the battle a storm brews up and both commanders decide to cease hostilities.

Myself and my staff oversee the resting of the divisions as the foul weather is about to hit.


JAM said...

very nice, how big was the table?


David said...

8x6. It can be split and have sections added to make it as wide as you want. Pretty cool.

It is a very nice table in a very nice room.