Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ebay scores - 2009 #2

Scored a few auctions on ebay recently. A while ago I scored a 96 man lot of Baccus 6mm British. I did not realise at the time it included the painting and basing of these as the pic had them all painted and based and ready to go. I was keen to get some Baccus to run side by side with my Adler 6mm to see how they fare on the field together. The text with the auction did mention the painting and basing so completely my fault I did not know.

I managed to score another lot last weekend of unpainted Prussians. Saved 43% on market price on that one. Good stuff!

Anyway, took a while to get done for me and a few more weeks to come from UK to here in Australia. But they do look good.

Here is a few pics of the completed job, before I debase them and rebase them to what I need:

And here is a pic of them beside some Adler 6mm Brits not painted by me:

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