Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back to the Paper - 6mm Naps update 15/12/07

Back to the paper option for the 6mm Napoleonics project. After completing 1 full division of French infantry, I found the time it took to paint and base as well as the cost, $9 per battalion, was just too much to bear. Around the same time a few comments came through the blog from people who were either disappointed I have abandoned the idea of using paper or had ideas to take the concept further.

So below is a pic of the different options I have tried to date:

From the left:
* 2 stands of Irregular 6mm French infantry painted and based to represent 1 company- cost $1.40
* 3 ranks of 10mm paper figures on white background mounted on card - cost $0.01
* 3 ranks of 6mm paper figures on dark green background mounted on card - cost $0.01
* 3 ranks of 10mm paper figures on grass green background mounted on card - cost $0.01

Obviously I prefer to use the Irregular miniatures but the cost to put together multiple armies of multiple corps and the time it takes to paint and base is just too much.

So back to the paper!

Out of the paper prototypes I have produced, I prefer the last (right most) option. Although the images are 10mm they fit well into the position the lead miniatures leave on the table. I chose the grass green background so the uniform does not disappear as much with the background. It actually looks better on the table than it photographs.

Anyway, I need your opinions. Which do you prefer? Click on comments below to add your response.


DeWolfe said...

I prefer the Irregular figures, second choice would be the middle paper example.

Dale said...


Code Ronin from TMP here: good to see you trying some of the ideas. I like the figures with the clipped tops. Personally, I like a light blue background, but a light green will do it too.

I would suggest that you increase the black outline around the outside of the figure. It will make the figure pop off of the page, especially when using a colored background.

Looks good. Nothing wrong with paper and lead. Do the former first and slowly replace with the latter.


Larry said...

While I prefer lead I see no issue whatsoever with paper.

If I had to chose from the three offered paper options I would go with the unit on the far right. It doesn't appear that different from the center unit in background color but appears taller and the soldier more defined to my eye. The soldiers on the white background are of course the most defined but the white background is way to stark compared to the rest of the gaming environment.

Regardless of your end choice, I wish you luck David.


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Yeah I do like the 10mm with green back and clipped tops as on the right. As yes I do prefer the lead overall. So I guess I will build paper and slowly replace with lead over time. The only problem then becomes all the gaming time and no painting time. We'll see.