Sunday, October 7, 2007

6mm Nap Project - update Sun 7/10/07

Well, after publishing the article explaining the process of selecting Irregular 6mm Naps for my solo campaign project, I threw down the gauntlet and pulled out the paintbrushes to see just how quickly I could put together some Irregular mins.

I have a bunch of French stands that I spray painted blue a few years go so I grabbed 4 Line Infantry Command stands and 20 Line Infantry stands. 1 Brigade!

I painted a quick as I could but still ended up having a couple of 'say hello to the wife' breaks and a few coffee breaks.

In about 4 hours I had this all done:

With a close up to show the 'swisho' paint job I gave them:

That to me is quite adequate for the large Mass armies I am wanting.

I believe I can get this paint time down further. I'm certainly not the fastest painter out there so I know the timing can be improved. Any tips would be most welcome. If I can get 2 or 3 Brigades done a week I would be most happy.

Now I'm off to start some Prussians.


rpardo said...

Seeing you work I am yempted to change from 20mm to 6mm! Please, post a picture of a full battle soon!

Anonymous said...

I will try.

Until then you can see the Adler 6mm in the AAR section. if you haven't already.